How To Solve The “McAfee Drive Encryption Fatal Error 0xee020006 Getting Disk Info” Error

When you talk about any anti-virus, McAfee is the first name that comes to mind. After all, it has been around for years, if not decades. It protects you from several problems such as hacking, phishing attacks and lethal virus invasions which can leave your computer paralysed forever. It is crucial to know how to deal with some challenges on your system while using the McAfee anti-virus. One of the common errors that show up on your system is that says: “McAfee drive encryption fatal error 0xee020006 getting disk info“. Remember? This is something that proves to be gibberish for many, but is actually a technical puzzle for the technicians to solve. So what do you do when such technical jargons show up on your screen? And more importantly, how do you end up tackling it? 

Knowing the causes behind the “McAfee Drive Encryption Fatal Error 0xee020006 Getting Disk Info” is crucial. Here are two major reasons before you show you How to fix fatal ERROR 0XEE020006:

  1. McAfee drive encryption fatal error 0xee020006 occurs when your computer’s extensible firmware interface holds you back from accessing any data on your hard drive. You can blame your system’s boot settings, that is if they are selected to the legacy mode. 
  2. Just in case you have been using the Drive encryption Tech’s recovery media instead of the Windows Pre-Installation Environment, this error message can pop up to restrict you from using your computer with a smooth functioning.

Let’s come straight to the solution now. Because such problems need immediate troubleshooting. Here are some solutions you must keep in mind, no matter what:

Solution 1:

The first solution is to configure your system boot settings, and here are the steps:

  • This method starts with restarting your system.
  • As soon as your system starts restarting, start tapping the F12 key. Do that at least two to three times.
  • Doing that will open the Boot Window.
  • Now use your eye for detail to locate the boot tab, where you will use the OSA configuration to change the mode setting
  • Please note that you have to use your keyboard’s direction keys – up, down, left, right – to change the modes
  • From the legacy boot mode, change it to default mode.

Solution 2:

This solution is short and sweet. There will be a DE tech standalone mode. Uninstall it. And soon after that install the Windows pre-installation environment before putting in the McAfee drive encryption. You will observe your fatal error will be resolved in a matter of minutes. Then you are free to use the McAfee anti-virus software.

Solution 3:

Reinstalling McAfee disk encryption is the third solution to this McAfee drive encryption fatal error 0xee020006. Follow these steps to rid yourself of it.

  • Go ahead and uninstall the McAfee disk encryption from your system.
  • Now in the “search programs and files” section, type “programs and features”
  • Now in order to enter the program application window, press enter.
  • You will now see the McAfee disk encryption application. Select the option.
  • Right-click on it and select the uninstall option
  • It is now time to visit the official site of McAfee and install the disk encryption application.
  • As mentioned earlier, it is important to shift to default from legacy. Simply check your boot settings after installation for this procedure.

Solution 4:

Since this error gets slightly technical and nasty for the common man, and the fact that most of you are not tech-savvy, you must go ahead and call up the customer care executives who are well-equipped to solve most of your problems related to McAfee drive encryption fatal error 0xee020006. The expert technicians might ask for remote access to your laptop or personal computer. Allow them the access so that things don’t go from bad to worse on your system.

Now that your problems related to “How to fix McAfee drive encryption fatal error 0xee020006 getting disk info” are addressed, let us move on to some other details about McAfee which will help you understand your product better.

The following are the salient features of the McAfee anti-virus software, which you must read without fail:

  • McAfee has anti-malware, ransomware, spyware, and virus features which ensure complete protection of your system, no matter what. Plus the issues related to McAfee are also easy to troubleshoot. Get one now if you don’t have any anti-virus for your computer.
  • McAfee has the silent full-screen feature which disallows the anti-viruses from displaying on your screen while you are busy doing something else.
  • There is this Secure File Shredder, which helps you delete certain files permanently, without leaving the scope of any possible recovery down the line.
  • Regular updates are a major factor of this anti-virus. More so, the updates keep happening in the background, without interrupting the flow of your work.
  • An easy-to-use, simple user interface that does not complicate things at all.

The McAfee drive encryption fatal error, however, has no direct relation with the salient features of this software. We have already given you the process of dodging such errors effortlessly. If you can’t solve your issues on your own, make sure you call up the technicians, who will ensure you solve your issues by taking remote access on your computer.

Before you ask “How to fix Fatal ERROR 0XEE020006“, here is a little something about the history of McAfee in four basic points:

  • McAfee was founded in the year 1989 by a man named John McAfee. This software was available as shareware. Wondering what shareware is? It is a software which is available for free on the Internet. A fee might be charged if the software is used continuously over a period of time. John McAfee later resigned from the company in 1994.
  • The beginning of the McAfee domination began in 1992 when McAfee started the company McAfee Associates. It quickly became one of the big players in the technology segment.
  • McAfee is headquartered in Santa Clara, California. This company was purchased by Intel in the year 2011, eventually becoming a component of the Intel Security division.
  • Apart from building security tools for computers and laptops, McAfee is also into mobile phone security measures.
  • This article has every possible information people usually look for when it comes to McAfee anti-virus. From “How to fix Fatal ERROR 0XEE020006” to knowing everything about the history and salient features of the anti-virus.

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